Selling a wide range of steel wire rope/Strands products from 1.2mm to 52mm in 1×7, 1×12, 1×19, 4×19, 6×7, 6×19, 6×24, 6×26, 6×36, 7×19, 8×19S Construction with FC/IWRC both variant and 18×7, 19×7, 35×7 in rotation resistance and non-rotating segment. We can provide design the ropes in various forms like seal, Warrington, Filler and Seal-Warrington as per specific requirements. We Can Offer Ropes in 1570/1770/1960/2160 Grades with Black as well as Galvanized wire as per requirements. We also cater to the sling requirements and related accessories like Buldo clips, Forge clamps, Thimbles, Dee-Shackles and Bow- shackles. Our advanced range of products are accredited with Practiced European Standards-

  • EN 10264-2 For Wire Rope
  • EN 10244-2 For Galvanized Wire Rope
  • EN 10016-2/EN 10025, EN 12385-1 to 10 For Steel Wire Rope
  • Indian Standard Codes
  • ISO:1460 (Galvanized Wire Rope)
  • ISO:2408 (Steel Wire Rope)
  • ISO:3108(Breaking Load)
  • ISO:4101(Roping Wire for Elevator Rope)
  • ISO:4344(Steel Wire Rope)
  • IS:1835(Roping Wire)
  • IS:2266 (General Engineering Ropes)
  • IS:2365(Elevator Ropes)
  • IS:45219 (Oil & Gas)
  • IS:2581(Shipping)
  • IDLR(Indian Docks & Labor Regulations)

All accreditations making them the only product in the Indian Wire Rope Industry endorsed with such certifications. Along with the use of online data acquisition systems for manufacturing, the products are manufactured with latest technology keeping abreast of all developments.

Our producing company is the first company in this field to be accredited with all three certifications i.e. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and TS-16949. The products have good reputation and buyer confidence about quality and timely supply. Our team is professional managed backed by a competent and qualified personnel.

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